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Our Chocolates

All our chocolates are gluten-free EXCEPT for Cookies and Cream, Hazelnut Crisp and Gingerbread.

Our chocolates have no preservatives or artificial ingredients.


Bourbon ( NEW)

Dark Ganache flavored with  Bourbon.

Vanilla Vodka.jpg

Vanilla Vodka (NEW)

Dark Ganache flavored with French vanilla and Vodka.

Amaretto Almond.jpg

Amaretto Almond

Dark Ganache flavored with almond liqueur and a whole roasted almond.

Caramel Crunch.jpg

Caramel Crunch

Soft, made in house caramel with pieces of caramelized hazelnuts (milk).

Rum Raisin.jpg

Rum Raisin

A dark chocolate barrel filled with a raisin a Myers Rum ganache.

Irish Cream.jpg

Irish Cream

A white ganache flavored with Irish Cream.

Espresso Bean.jpg

Espresso Beans

Delicious espresso beans covered in dark chocolate, sold in tubes.

Creme de Mint.jpg

Creme De Mint

A dark ganache with natural mint extract.

Dark Ganache.jpg

Dark Ganache

Heavy cream and dark chocolate center (dark).

Dark Sea Salt Caramel.jpg

Dark Sea Salt Caramel

Soft, smooth caramel center (dark) with a hint of sea salt.

Earl Grey.jpg

Earl Grey

Smooth dark and milk ganache infused with organic Earl Grey Tea.



An Italian hazelnut cream in a dark shell topped with a toasted hazelnut.

Grand Marnier.jpg

Grand Marnier

White ganache with orange liqueur (dark).

Hazelnut Crisp.jpg

Hazelnut Crisp

Hazelnut cream with crisp pastry bits (dark).

Hazelnut Marble.jpg

Hazelnut Marble

White chocolate seashells filled with hazelnut cream.

Lemon Zest.jpg

Lemon Zest

A limoncello liqueur ganache.



Milk ganache with coffee extract (milk).

Orange Peel.jpg

Orange Peel

candied orange peels dipped in dark chocolate.

Peanut Butter.jpg

Peanut Butter

Creamy smooth peanut butter filling (milk).


Coconut Pyramid

White ganache with organic coconut (dark).

Red Velvet.jpg

Red Velvet

a white chocolate heart drizzled in red with a true red velvet cake taste! To die for!

Holiday Delights.jpg

Dark, Milk, or White chocolate Flowers 

Sold in bags or tubes



Tangerine ganache with blackberry jelly.



Speculoos cookie (similar to Biscoff) filling with crispy pastry flakes.

Cookies N Cream.jpg

Cookies N' Cream

White chocolate ganache with Oreo cookies.


Cherry Cordial

White chocolate ganache with a brandy soaked cherry


Crème Brulee

Gold chocolate ganache 


French Truffles

Dark chocolate and butter



White chocolate ganache with raspberry puree 


Blueberry Cheesecake

White chocolate cheesecake ganache with blueberry ganache

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