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About Us

La Bonbonnière was founded in 2005 by Marie-Hélène VandenBrugge-Smith (Bébette). After graduating from the Chocolate Academy in Wieze, Belgium, Bébette opened her first location at Fury's Ferry Rd in Augusta.


Bébette continues to further her education in the chocolate and confection fields by attending numerous workshops in Belgium as well as in the US. She trained under Jean-Pierre Wybauw (Belgium), Marc Ducobu (Belgium), Norman Love (Florida), Stéphane Tréand (California), Laurent Branlard (Florida), and Jean-Marie Auboine (Las Vegas).


All our chocolates are handcrafted daily on the premises using the finest Belgian Chocolate and freshest ingredients. We suggest that you consume the chocolates no later than 3 weeks after purchase for optimum quality and freshness.

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