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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do we Ship?

A: Due the the fragile nature of our chocolates we do not offer shipping. 


Q: Do you sell sugar-free Chocolate?

A: No, we do not.


Q: What is the shelf life of Our Chocolates?

A: 3 Weeks from the date of purchase is the usual shelf life of our chocolates. 


Q: Do I have to refrigerate my chocolates?

A: The best conditions for your chocolates are in a dark, cool place below 75 degrees Fahrenheit. 


Q: Do you sell fudge?

A: Yes, we have a chocolate pecan fudge available.


Q: Do you have cakes and/or cupcakes?

A: No, we only deal in anything made in chocolate and specifically smaller hand made chocolates. 


Q: Do you sell macarons?

A: Yes! They are delicious!

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